Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hockey World League

Hi everyone,

Here at Crown, as you can probably tell, we've been getting really into the Hockey World League and watching as many games as we can.

Its been remarkable to see the level the players are at this year and watching the Great British women's team play has filled us with a lot of confidence in the team going forward, they have been the highlight of the tournaments for us, especially the incredible play of young Sophie Bray.

Sophie Bray, our player of the tournament so far. Photo from FIH

Today GB play South Africa in what we hope will lead them into the semi-finals. This promises to be the hardest test for the girls yet with South Africa being ranked 13th in the world currently.

From a personal perspective these championships seem to have really been taken into 2015. The FIH twitter has been posting replays of the goals and other key events, virtually the instant they happen. This seems to me like they are really investing in Hockey for the future and this is great for the sport.

It's always refreshing to see things moving in the right direction and we are all looking forward to seeing the men play in Antwerp next week.

Matt.M @ Crown

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