Thursday, 5 November 2015

Advanced Engineering Show 2015

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the Advanced Engineering show in Birmingham, needless to say that what we saw filled us with a lot of excitement.

The composites industry in the UK seems to be constantly moving and evolving and we feel that by attending events like these and talking to people at the forefront of innovation, we can continue to put the best technology available into our sticks.

We are always working with people within composites and have discovered how to use materials best for our own applications. By learning about this and conducting research in this area we want to be able to return our knowledge to the industry.

It's interesting to see the kind of things that can be applied to multiple uses and hope to be working closely with some more experts in the future. We all left overflowing with ideas for technologies new and old. It's amazing to be part of a growing field of technology.

All the best,

Matt.M @ Crown

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