Monday, 23 November 2015



As some of you may have seen on our social media we are producing a Crownwear range. This is mainly because we did not feel there was much hockey apparel available, there are only a few brands, in our opinion, that take the apparel side of hockey seriously. There isn't much choice and no brand designs hockey specific clothing (apart from international team's kits). Hopefully we can add a third option, we are keeping the look of Crownwear clean and sophisticated, and as always we are keeping players in mind designing clothing specifically for the hockey market.

We also felt that hockey apparel has been very male focused, which is odd as in most countries the ratio between men's and woman's hockey participation is around 50/50. In England the ratio is 52% ladies and in the USA its a massive 95% ladies. We will have just as many ladies focused items as we will men's.

We will update our website shop page as soon as we can. We will be offering players the option to pre-order some Crownwear (hopefully in-time for Christmas).


Some of you may also know that we are in the process of adding a sponsorship page to our website. We have always been so focused on the production and development of our Crown sticks that we had not consider sponsorship, however due to an overwhelming number of players emailing in asking for sponsorship we felt compelled to create a sponsorship page.
[please keep an eye out for a change to our website]

At Crown we do not have a marketing budget, instead of spending money on marketing we prefer to spend funds and efforts on continuously improving our sticks, we are very focused on our products. Due to our product lead ethos sponsorship spaces are incredibly limited, we are only going to offer sponsorship to player who are incredibly passionate about hockey and willing to, not just push Crown forward as a brand but also hockey as a sport.
I would like to invite all of you following the blog to apply for sponsorship. 

Please let us know your thoughts.

Evan @ Crown