Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Slow Motion Testing

Hello Everyone.

A few weeks ago, we paid a visit to Sheffield Hallam Univeristy who were conducting some tests on our Crown sticks. It was great to see the testing first hand.

During testing we used a Phantom high frame rate camera, 2,000 frames a second, to film a slow motion slap shot.
Throughout the last 3 years we have been trying our best to find previous testing reports undertaken on field hockey sticks, frustratingly there are only a handful of published papers regarding field hockey sticks, we need to discover more. We believe that no one has ever seen a slow motion hockey stick hit. And here it is!:

For us it makes for extremely interesting viewing, as we are manufacturing our own Crown sticks in-house we can now make changes to future ranges so that sticks flex in the correct place for optimum power and for comfort.
Apart from the slow motion videos, and the data gathered from these videos, we also collected player feedback as the ball was hit. The feedback was the same as we received during our UK tour, once again Crown sticks were said to be the most comfortable to hit with. By continuing to conduct pioneering research and further testing we believe we can continue to get better and better, it is also extremely rewarding to confirm that all of the care we have taken into the design and modernisation of the manufacturing process is paying off.

We are learning all the time and we will keep you in the loop.

Best Regards,

Evan @ Crown