Thursday, 22 September 2016


Hi everyone,

It has always been our aim to filter down some of technological improvements that we developed while perfecting The Crown Hockey stick into a more commercial priced stick. The Shadow series is the successful result of our efforts.

By implementing some of the know how learnt from creation the Crown stick we have been able to produce a piece of precision engineered piece of equipment for the players who are looking for a step up from the traditional composite hockey sticks on the market. 

Some of the Crown technologies and improvements that have been filtered down into Shadow series include; increased power to weight ratio. All Shadow series sticks are extremely powerful relative to their weight, all Shadow Crown sticks are below 546g (even up to 39 inches long).

Shadow sticks are also made using our far more durable manufacturing process, we believe Crown sticks are by far the most durable on the market and for this reason we will now be offering a 12 month warranty with all Crown sticks. We have also used the same Mid and Low bow shapes which have been designed and developed with the insight and feedback from 1000's of players from all over the world. 

All the Crown team are excited to have the shadow series now available internationally both in store and on our website; 

Matt.M @ Crown