Monday, 8 January 2018

What Size Field Hockey Stick ? | How to Choose a Field Hockey Stick

Hello Everyone, 

Hopefully you players have already seen the video above about how choose the correct stick size for you, but if not, or if you would like some extra detail I shall both re-cap and write a little bit extra within this blog post.

At Crown we believe that selecting the best stick size for you first means answering the three questions below:

  1. How tall are you? 
  2. What's your playing style? 
  3. What is comfortable?

When asking for stick length advice, most players begin by stating how tall they are, which is a very usefully piece of information. But answering this question should really just be used to narrow your size range down. There are further questions to ask, and there are exceptions to the 'the taller you are the longer your stick should be' rule, as smaller players may wish go for a longer stick to gain some extra reach. Although if you were to push us for some general height to stick size guidelines we would give the following response/brackets: 

Below 5.3' =     <36.5
5.3 - 5.7     =       36.5 - 37 
5.8 - 6.3     =       37 - 38
6.4 plus      =      37.5 - 40

(this information is just what we have noticed from players feedback and sales, it should just be used as a general guideline and not as a definitive rule) 

Why we feel that this question is appropriate is because some skills within the game of hockey are easier with and longer stick and some skills are easier with a shorter stick. For example; longer sticks often mean more powerful hits, shorter sticks often results in improved control and dribbling skills, longer sticks mean that you have more reach, shorter sticks are lighter and player are more agile....and so on. So a further question could be; because of my play style "would I benefit from a longer/shorter stick?"

This is one for the physios and chiropractors, but ultimately this is probably the most important of the three questions. If you are not comfortable playing hockey then your performance will suffer, so overall it is best to pick within a size range that is comfortable to you, hockey is a tough game on the back, the shoulders, the neck the arms, the quads, everywhere! Comfort should be a high priority for all players. 

At Crown we offer a lot of variety with length/sizes as, as standard, we offer inch and half inch sizes, but if you have a very specific requirement, even to the millimeter then we can easily accommodate for you. 

If you still unsure about sizing please email us at or get in contact with us over social media. 

Good luck for 2018 to all the Crown fans out there!!!

All the best, 

Evan @ Crown