Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Crown Low Bow has arrived

Today we have released our Low Bow version of The Crown Hockey stick. I know that a lot of players have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival, and I can assure you that we have been just as excited.

I am delighted to say that throughout our testing the Low Bow has been received extremely positively, I believe that we have created something in it's own class, we have surpassed even our own expectations.

I would like to go over a few specific design features and attributes that the Low bow has to explain a little more about the stick:

The vast majority of players first notice the power. When designing the Low-bow we knew that we needed to create a stick with unrivaled power, for fearsome strikes at goal. We have made many slight changes to the geometry of the Low-Bow, with power in-mind, different sections of the Low Bow are thinner and some sections are thicker, using CAD (computer aided design) analysis software we were able to experiment with changes to the geometry, virtually testing the effects that these changes had to the power of the Crown Low Bow. Throughout our comparison testing we are yet to find a stick that possesses more power.


We have added a very subtle smooth groove to the Crown Low Bow's shaft. We know that some of you are fans of flicking grooves and some of you are not, the main feedback we received from the 'haters' of flicking grooves where that their control and sweeping hits were more difficult to preform well, and we agreed. We feel that other grooved sticks on the market are too extreme and so effect other parts of the game, our smooth groove is subtle enough to go unnoticed during regular play (it is 1.4mm deep) but when flicking is concerned it is far from ineffective. Being a Low Bow the Dragflick was a constant consideration during the design and testing process. Every mm of every curve and groove as been calculated to provide the best flicking experience, not to mention that we have selected the most best weight and balance point for drag flicking - 530g and a balance point of 395mm from the head (fully gripped and game ready)


  (the loft angle is measured as the angle the stick's face is from the straight line drawn from the handle)

Another instantaneous realisation that players have when experiencing the Low Bow is its awesome ability for aerials.
Our perfected loft angle coupled with our unique subtly concaved shaped face allows for a new level of control, when aerials and 3D skills are concerned, to quote a tester "you can perform things with the Crown stick that you simply can't with any other'.
We are particularly excited to see what skills can be achieved with the Low Bow.

There is so much more to explain but I shall leave the rest for you to experience for yourselves.
Get your hands on a Low Bow, and please let us know all of your thoughts.

We want to continue to improve Crown sticks and push the sport forward with new innovations.

All the best,

Evan @ Crown