Monday, 6 November 2017


Hello Everyone,

"Should I buy a Mid Bow stick or a Low Bow Stick"

Is a question that we frequently get asked here at Crown. Above is a video where I briefly go over a few points to think about, and questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that you are well equipped to answer this common bow shape conundrum. To summaries the main points of the video:

  • Do you drag-flick, try 3D skills or perform aerial passes often?
If so a low bow will make these skills easier, if not then maybe you could benefit from the characteristics of a mid bow.
  •   Understand the difference between the two bow types: 


  • Do you have any current problems that could be helped by a change in stick bow type? 
Two example problems that we often see are:
  1. Players accidentally lifting passes too often and giving their team mates a tough time as a result, this could be helped by switching to a higher bow position, such as a mid bow, as it is far harder to lift the ball with a mid bow, this means that players will be more likely to keep ground passes on the floor and reaching the targeted player. 
  2. Players not being able to make top corner shots, in this case switching to a low bow might be the solution to the problem as it is far easier to lift the ball, when striking with a low bow, as the low bow has a greater loft angle. 
  •  Feel free to ask as questions:
Ultimately however, just go with what you believe to be most beneficial for your game.

 All the best !

Evan @ Crown